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Aug 17

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 9

Maria looked up in time to see a section of the roof dislodge and tumble toward them. She stepped away to avoid being crushed, but the force of the impact knocked her to the ground. Another piece of ceiling rushed toward her. Maria raised a shield to deflect it, but the hit rattled her all …

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Aug 10

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 8

The Captain lifted his head, this time hoping desperately that their surroundings had changed. Four pedestals still sat poised in the next room, glimmering in the sinister light, exactly as they had been before. He pushed himself up. “Everyone alright?” “Define alright.” He helped Maria to her feet. “Uninjured.” Alexia leaned her head against the …

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Jul 27

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 7

The Captain watched as Maria closed her eyes, simultaneous magic requiring the utmost concentration. A globe of light shimmered into existence in the air above them. It wavered for a second before becoming solid. The sentries stopped their pacing to inspect it. The Captain nodded to Alexia. Red light seeped from the end of her …

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Jul 21

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 6

As they continued through the tunnel, the glittering light that surrounded them seemed increasingly oppressive. One could get lost in the darkness and be afraid, the Captain realized, but being lost in the light brought a different kind of fear. Not the fear of the unseen, but the fear of the all-too seen. The fear …

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Jul 06

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 5

The Captain glanced quickly around the corner, seeing only another empty hall beyond. He listened for the sound of approaching feet, but heard nothing. Nothing at all. He returned to the small room where the crew waited. Millennia ago it may have been a storeroom or chapel, it was impossible to tell with the Ancients, …

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Jun 15

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 4

They waded through a sea of goblins, a beady eyes turned upwards at their passing. “I’ve never known goblins to be so complacent,” Maria whispered. “I don’t think these are your average goblins,” the Captain replied. “They are living in an Ancient relic after all.” They reached the dias and ascended its stairs, Mazanc greeting …

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Jun 01

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 3

The sun had begun to peak through gaps in the fortress wall as they finished their preparations. Tents were scattered around the courtyard in clumps around burnt out fires from the night before. The camp only housed a dozen or so people. Although when it came to mages that was a lot. There were entire …

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May 18

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 2

The Captain followed his compass due east, passing between towers of wood amid a floor of fallen leaves. The cool scent of near autumn filled the air alongside the pervasive sound of rustling wind and the occasional birdcall. The place looked surprisingly little like a warzone. “About how much longer?” Maria asked from his side. …

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May 18

A Beating Heart of Stone Part 1

The Captain leaned over the Astral chart laid out on his desk, attempting to determine their new heading. Maria stood opposite him, acting as number checker and, more importantly, monotony interrupter. “Could you pass me the compass?” She handed him the instrument, “Why this sudden change of course? I thought we were heading to Lorentio.” …

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May 14

Sunrise Over Infinity Part 9

Alexia watched as smoke rose from beyond the castle wall. “See,” Panail said. “Nothing you can do to stop it.” Alexia didn’t respond. She didn’t dare to move her eyes from the twisting black line. “The Duke was like a father to me,” she said, more to herself than Panail. “He was the first man …

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