Who Are You?

I’m C. J. Mcpherson, an author and creator of the Astral. I write short stories, novels and pen and paper roleplaying games. The Astral is currently my main project, but I’ve also got a novel in the works, set in the same universe. My goal is to one day support myself fully on the work I do here, and then travel the world while writing online.

What is the Astral Chronicle?

The Astral Chronicle is a series of stories set in a universe called the Astral. In the Astral, many individual worlds exist, each one with its own culture, history and way of life. By sailing to the edge of the sky, and then beyond, a ship can pass from a world and into the Astral, which lies between the worlds. From there, new worlds can be reached, some known and others unknown.

The Chronicle follows the lives and adventures of a group of Astral explorers, commonly called Travelers, lead by an enigmatic man known only as the Captain. Among them are the childish-yet-insightful Adrian, the womanizing swordsman Gehard, the motherly second in command Maria, and the steadfast half-wolf Stark.

You can begin reading here, or by clicking the link marked Begin Here in the sidebar. The story updates Wednesdays. If you’re looking for a way to navigate, click the Astral Chronicle link under Categories. It lists all of the previous installments.