Apr 25

The Overture

“The only limits are the ones we set for ourselves.”

– –

A figure stands before you, his presence filling the room as the sun fills the sky.

His features are timeless, instantly familiar, yet altogether unique. His skin and hair bear no hint of pigment. They are the pure silver-white of a cloud’s edge.

But his eyes, his eyes are unmistakable. There is eternity behind his gaze.

“Please,” he says, his voice gentle, but powerfully resonant, “have a seat.”

He sits opposite you.

“Would you like some tea?” he asks, gesturing to a cup sitting before you, next to a heavy gold-bound book.

“I would like to welcome you here,” he begins. “They call me the First One. You may do so as well if you wish. I will be your guide.”

He extends his hand to you, inviting you to take it.

“Would you indulge me,” he asks, “And allow me to tell you a story?”

You take his hand and the world around you gives way to an expanse of black space. Flowing through the vastness you can see currents of reality ebb and flow in a grand dance.

You feel yourself moving, flying through the majestic reaches that surround you. Places beyond count pass by, whole worlds set amid this cosmic sea.

“I invite you to stay here,” the First One says as infinity opens up before you, “In these lands set amid the tides of possibility. To join in the exploration of its uncharted reaches and unknown places. To delve deep into the mysteries of the human heart and the majesty of the human spirit.”

The world around you comes to rest on the surface of an ocean, seabirds calling out in the sky above.

“Welcome to the Astral,” the First One says as he begins to fade away. “Where all things are possible.”

He is gone, save for these words whispered in your mind’s eye;

“Welcome to infinity.”




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